SOLVED: Manage Stars Question

This may or may not be an issue with the TT4 rolling out soon. But our troop discovered that several girls in 2 squads accidentally had service hours attached to an event where there was no service. In between the time the hours were entered and the discovery of this, our service coordinator pushed out the stars through the Manage Service Stars page. When we went through and deleted the hours, the service stars do not delete off of their record. So for our Tenderheart, Ava she has 17 hours of service and 4 stars when she should only have 3 stars. Is this a bug? I can go in and manually delete the stars from the Achievements, just wasn’t sure if the numbers were supposed to calculate stars both ways. I did delete the stars off of one of the girls, but on the Units Page, the stars don’t disappear off/adjust on the girls cards.

I had to fix a similar problem with stars.

I calculated how many stars they were supposed to have, and then deleted the necessary # of stars from their Awards tab so that it matched what they were supposed to have. No fallout yet, that I am aware of!

@mwestcott1 @SRUEDU thanks for reporting this. It’s safe to delete the stars - TroopTrack doesn’t do that automatically even if you adjust service hours after the fact.

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