Son is listed twice; How do I delete the mistake?

I am trying to sign my son up & did so once, paying the fees. I accidently started to sign him up again, unaware that the first time had worked. Now he’s listed twice; once as a member & once needng to complete registration. How do I delete the bad one?

Click on it and at the top right there should be a spot that says delete. If you don’t have that then you don’t have permission to do so and would have to talk to one of the unit leaders or person in charge of your TT account for your unit.

We have a family where the same thing happened a leader clicked a link and ended up registering a boy twice.

  1. If I delete the entry that was added in the last 10 days what about credit for the registration fee that was already paid by mistake? can that fee be applied to a renewal for the account of the “real” youth member that is not needed until March?

  2. What about families that move away from our area and are clearly not continuing with our Troop (they told us in advance). Is there a way to at least disable the many email reminders or mark them as not renewing? Can we delete them now, or do we have to wait for their registrations to “age out”?

OK, after some searching in Troop Track, I clicked on the youth member and found the “deactivate” button in the top right menu. This “deactivate” button works for youth and adults. Thanks.