'Sparse' User data fields

Why is it that the “Joined troop on” does not contain valid information for every User in our Troop? I would expect that when a parent first establishes a TroopTrack.com account for our Trail Life Troop, that date would be established as their “Joined troop on” field content. It seems that this information is stored in the “Member since” field but not ‘transferred’ to the “Joined troop on” field. Overall this information is very inconsistent.

Similarly the “Registered member” field is not consistently valid for all Users in our Trail Life Troop. Although there is a report of this in the TT Community thread -“Registered Member” status is inaccurate in “User’s Report” - it discusses the issue from the prospective of BSA Troops. Whereas with TLUSA, registration with Trail Life is the SAME action as registering in TroopTrack. BSA has a separate registration process.

Thanks in advance for help on these items.