Splitting up a Unit? AHG

Hi (again!),

Just wondering what our options are here: We have 28 Explorers. We will probably have them meet as 2 groups - one group of 1st year Explorers, and a second group of combined 2nd & 3rd year Explorers.

Is there a way to have them show up as separate groups under Manage > Units?

Are there reasons I am not aware of that we need to consider before deciding to do this?


Hi! We have multiple groups per unit that we named by Color. IE explorer red, explorer blue, explorer white. It works quite well.

Thanks! That is a great suggestion!

Do you do anything to set them up that way in Troop Track? Or are they just all listed under Explorers?

Thanks again!

Yes We set them upas separate patrols. It makes leader communication much easier. You can set up an email list that includes all three explorer patrols if you wanted to send an email to all explorers.