Still in business?

Is TroopTrack still in business? The phone number on my invoice is disconnected, the customer support page “doesn’t exist” and I can’t get anyone to respond to emails of support or service tickets.

Yes, TroopTrack is still in business. They have recently had an employee move on to other opportunities and are short staffed. They are doing their best to respond to support e-mails. This is their busiest time of year and are short staffed. Did you post your problem into the Community, I have been trying to help as much as I can from my experience with TT, even though I am limited as a user not a staff member?

Hi. I was trying to do a bulk member upload to add new families. We have 20 new scouts so 60 new entries. Formatted the CSV appropriately and submitted for upload. I didn’t get any confirmation it was received nor any responses to emails. No acknowledgment of the ticket I opened either. I closed the ticket after I manually entered the new families yesterday. A little suspect when they took down their contact page and the phone number is disconnected.

BTW - Thanks for your response.

Yea, uploads is one of the things that they are very behind on. I am sure the phone is disconnected because they do not have a full time staff person in the office manning the phones any longer. Their Contact page is a contact form but again that will send a message to the inundated staff. Hopefully when things slow down a bit they will be able to be more responsive.

Slightly frustrated with 2 critical tickets opened 16 days ago with zero communication…

I have you beat there. I emailed support in September and still haven’t heard back. My issue isn’t critical, though, just annoying.

Mine had to do with payment issues from the app and finance exports both being borked. Nothing too critical lol.