Is Troop track out of business?

They are not responding to my requests for support through their support page and while they processed my payment for 1 year of renewal they have shut down my account. How do you get ahold of these people? Why are they not responding to requests for support?

No, TroopTrack if not out of business. They are a small company and have only recently hired a part time support person to respond to e-mails. They are trying to get through the backlog of support requests. I will bring this to their attention directly. Sorry for the delay.

Also did you fill out the support request from within TT or e-mail directly?

Yes. I did fill out a form online. No response. I did send an email and forwarded a receipt of payment. No response. They have removed their phone number from their website so there is no one to call. If they cannot respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner, they are probably not a reliable option any more. This disruption to my service is impacting our ability to do what we need to do. I don’t understand why no one from the company has contacted me.

I am sorry you have had such a hard time getting ahold of someone, I have brought this to the attention of @dave the owner of TT.

When you say they shut down your account do you mean you cannot login to TT individually but others in your unit are able to and use the site, or your groups instance of TT is not functioning at all?

I got my annual renewal notice about a month ago and paid it. It continued to show that the subscription was going to expire. I sent a message for clarification with no response. I honestly forgot about checking it, assuming it was gonna get fixed. I was notified my by team last week that it was about to expire. I sent a message through the online contact us form. No response. It expired. I sent an email from two separate email accounts to make sure that my emails are getting through. Still no response. I would think that if this were brought to @dave’s attention and he was the owner of the platform he would have been on this right away. There is no reason that, having paid for my subscription and having forwarded a copy of the paid receipt, that any company could not get this issue resolved in a matter of minutes. I have been a customer for years with no issues.

To make sure I am answering your questions, I can log into our account. When the subscription expires you can’t do anything other than log in. You get a big nasty message, “Your subscription expired 3 days ago”.

As some background if you are interested this post from Dave last year gives some insight into what is going on with TT. More recently he has been able to hire a part time support person however that has just come about and they are still learning the product. My guess is Dave is traveling or very busy with his day job today as he has not responded to my message to him about this situation. I am sure as soon as he sees it he will look into it.

Hi Christopher,

I’m sorry we didn’t deal with your account problems in a timely manner. I see you found a way around it by paying $10 and setting up a monthly subscription. I’m sorry you had to do that. I have fixed the problem on your account. Since you have an annual subscription already set up, I canceled the monthly and refunded the $10 payment you made.

Thank you for reaching out,


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