Slow/No response from Support

Over 3 weeks ago, I submitted a support request about setting up a new TroopTrack account – our girl’s unit is separating from our boy’s unit – but haven’t received any response. I know they have limited staff but 3 weeks without a response is a bit much. Even a quick reply to say they received my support request would be helpful.

Are others experiencing the same slow response?

Hi @MarkNoll - I’m sorry no one got back to you. I don’t actually see any emails from you in my inbox. Could you try sending it again please? @Teat123 have you seen an email from Mark on your side?

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Thanks for the quick reply.

I submitted my request for assistance on September 30 or October 1 using the Support - Contact Us option in TroopTrack. I just submitted another request using that same page. If it’s better to send an email directly to please let me know.


Either way works. I personally prefer you send an email to support because it sends from your email address, but it all goes to the same place.


@dave In addition to twice submitting my request through the Contact Us page I did as you suggested and sent an email to about a week and a half ago. I have not received any kind of reply. Even acknowledgement that my request has been received would be helpful.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to restore our girl’s unit TroopTrack account that we let expire in 2021. That would save us quite a bit of data entry and user account setup. If not possible, we’ll create a new account, but we need to know which direction to go.

Thanks, Mark

Hi @MarkNoll I’m sorry this didn’t get handled quickly. I have restored your girl troop (525GT) so that you are able to access it until the end of the year. Hopefully all the data you are looking for is still there.


Thanks for taking care of it, Dave. I’ve been able to get in and start updating our members data.