Stop duplicate emails?

Is there a way to set TroopTrack to not send duplicate emails to the same addresses? For instance, Johnny Tentpeg is a scout in the Tiger Den, with an email address. Johnny’s mom is in TroopTrack as a Parent (with same email address), and is the Treasurer (again with same email in TT). Johnny’s mom from what I can tell is getting 3 emails if I need to send an announcement/communicate with all the scouts in the Pack, their Parents (because some need this to more than one parent), and all the Pack Committee…

Any setting to not send duplicate of this same email 3 different times to the same person, but still include the other members of your groups who need it?

Hi @pack93,

There isn’t a setting for that, but there are some best practices that may help.

First, remove the email address from the scout. You have “copy parents on scout emails” checked so if you invite him, she will get it.

Second, from your description it sounds like you may have two separate accounts for one person. One as a parent and one as a leader. Deactivate or delete one. Users only need one account. A parent can also be a leader.

Another reason you might be getting duplicates is if a scout is invited and then you are specifically invited. There would be one invitation for the scout and one to you both going to the same email address.

Hope that helps!