Sub-Group Category Distinction in Manage-Sections Page

I see where I can “Add a Section” to our group, but I would also like to be able to have the option of a subcategory to create within the larger section. So I could enter kids and have them automatically entered into a section and subsection, since our structure is Group – Section – Subsection (multiples possible within section). So for us (BPSA), an example would be having a Gold Den and Green Den (whatever the chosen color may be) within the Otter Raft, and having them visible on the “Manage-Sections” organizational view page in offset sections under Otter Section. I imagine that would translate to the other scout organization’s structures in some way as well. It would be VERY useful. This site is a lifesaver, by the way. Thank you!!!

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We’ve received this request before and it is quite a difficult and big infrastructure change. We are looking at options for it, though. Right now, I would just create all of your sub sections as if they were regular sections.

Thank you.

Ok, thank you! TroopTrack has been discussed at length in our leaders forum, and this (org sub-structure) is a concern that has come up with people before they even look at the site, although I am a big proponent of using it anyway. But it could be you’d get a lot more users with this feature added. :slight_smile: