Groups vs. Patrols

Our Troop has a number of different sub-groups (e.g. Camping Subcommittee, “Staff” Members, Philmont Crews, Patrol Leaders, etc.) to which different members belong. These groups are in frequent communication. In our previous system, we were able to designate these users as members of “groups”, that had magic mailing lists, access to additional content, etc. It was easy to add or remove members to a group that was already established and mailing lists, content, etc. automatically snapped into place. Very low maintenance. Important to note that Groups <> Patrols.

In TroopTrack, it seems the best way to do this is to set these groups up as Patrols (Camping Subcommittee Patrol, OA Patrol, etc.) and grant access to Chatterboxes, etc. to these groups. The snag is that it’s blended in with our actual patrols (Bear, Eagle, etc.) and it messes any ability to sort by patrol, attendance sheets, etc. on the rest of the site. It gets a bit messy and confusing.

It would be nice to clone the Patrols functionality and establish Groups as a similar construct, but without muddying up the Patrol functions. I know this most likely isn’t an easy lift, but it would be extremely useful.

There’s another thread here regarding Alumni, which would fit nicely into the Group model.