Suggestions for APP Improvements

Currently, we only have a handful of adult leaders that use the APP. I think it would be a helpful tool for many others in our troop (both Scouts and Parents) if we could have some of the following additional functionality:

  1. List The “Camping Nights”, “Service Hours” and “Hiking Miles”. For our troop, just having the total nights/hours/miles would be sufficient. Listing each line item might be too much for an APP.
  2. Allow access to Documents/PDFs from the “SHARE/Troop Documents” section of the on-line version
  3. In the “Achieve” section, show Merit Badge Councilors, grouped by merit badge
  4. Not quite as necessary, but nice to have, would be a link to others in the household under each Scout. This is especially helpful when trying to contact parents that have different last names than their Scouts. (We have 125 scouts in the troop, so it is sometime hard to keep track of these type of items)

For those that are interested in how we use the APP so far:

  • Check on MB completions for scouts ready to sit for SM Conf / BOR
  • Check Leadership position / dates prior to SM Conf / BOR
  • Review upcoming events / calendar items
  • The fast access to contact info, especially phone number, is invaluable
  • We tend to use the COMMUNICATE function from the web version, but I’m sure that we will use the APP Communicate feature in the future.

I look forward to the APP’s expansion and continued management through this tool. If anyone has some cool ways that they are using the APP, I’d be interested in hearing.