Recording attendance at a service project


We had a special meeting today that was a service project. When I created the event on the calendar, I entered 1.5 Hours of Service on the Advanced tab.

At the event, I was able to use my phone to record attendance. That went fine.

When I checked the girls’ Participation & Service tabs from my home PC, I saw the event listed, but the girls were not credited with any service hours.

When I look at “Record Attendance” from the Details & RSVP page, I see a column that is labeled “Hours” and has 1.5 entered in the column header. All of the other cells in that column are empty. I manually entered 1.5 for one of the girls and Updated the event, and now her Participation & Service tab correctly shows 1.5 hours of service.

Question: Do I need to manually enter 1.5 hours for each girl who attended? If so, I was unable to do this from my phone - I was only able to see the first 4 columns of the Record Attendance page. It would be great to have this functionality from the phone.

Suggestion: It would be nice to have a different way to update the service hours. Maybe a button on the Details & RSVP page, right next to the “Record Awards Progress for Attendees” - it could say “Record Service Hours for Attendees.” If tent nights, cabin nights, hiking miles and canoeing miles require the same manual process, it might be nice to have buttons for them as well (or one button that does it all). And make it accessible from a phone.


I just accidentally clicked on the up-and-down arrows next to the 1.5 in the column header, and all the cells updated! For everyone in the troop, even those who did not attend.

Now when I look at Participation & Service tab for a non-attending girl, I see the event listed with 1.5 hours of service, but it says “Did not attend” next to it. I think that is what it should say, but it looks odd to me - still getting used to all the information being tracked.

But I was not able to access that feature on my phone.


Hi @mwestcott,

If you check the boxes on the left for the girls who attended, the other filters will only apply to those.

The other columns do not appear on the mobile site, but it is on our todo list to add a way to do this that doesn’t look like trash.


We just had a campout where we had tent nights, service hours and hiking miles. It would be nice to have a filter that allows us to only show those that attended. I would expect the “Apply to All” items to only affect the visible members.
I ended up changing the RSVP status just to make the guys that attended appear at the top to make it easier to make sure I was not missing anyone. Perhaps a sort by attended option could be added.