"Nights" Not Updating on Participation Tab

Starting with our June campout, the Participation tab for our Scouts is not updating with the number of Tent Camping Nights for the event. May 2022 and prior was fine. The only exception to this is one Household that has the correct number of nights posted. But that may be that they manually entered them for their Scouts.

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When you record attendance unfortunately the set Tent nights do not fill down the list until you change it. The easiest work around is use the up arrow to add one then the down arrow to take it away. That will fill the number down all users listed, then when you check the box for Attended and Save it will record that number of Tent Nights for all attended.

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So in the Record Attendance/RSVPs, change the field with the arrow than mark them as attended.


Is there a way to only see the “Yes”/“Going” responses in the Record Attendance screen?

Unfortunately it is not possible to show only Yes/Going Responses or sort the columns. @Dave and @Tyler did this change? I thought the RSVP page used to be able to sort by the columns which came in handy sorting by response so the Yes would all be together at the top but then we could still select anyone who attended but did not RSVP.