Syncing Troop Track with ScoutNET

I’m currently in the process of getting my rank and advancement information for my troop into troop track. one of my committee members just sent me the announcement made by BSA regarding changes coming to ScoutBook with ScoutNET. The link is below on page 4 in case you are interested :slight_smile:

Is this something that can be done with Troop Track or is possibly being planned in the future?

If BSA will allow other systems to sync data this way then we will definitely use it. It just depends on their approach - since the BSA owns ScoutBook they may not want “competitors” to be able to use this capability.

Dave - Thank you for the quick response!! So what would you recommend for importing our rank and advancement information into Troop Track? Manually enter all the records in? Once all of our data is in Troop track, compare against ScoutNET?

You can currently import and export data from ScoutNET using our TurboNET feature. You can learn about it here:

and here:

You will need to do this periodically to synchronize your data with BSA. I suggest you follow those steps to keep ScoutNET and TroopTrack in sync.


Fantastic!!! Thank you so much for the information :grin:

Rene - Troop 1154 CC