To automatically update the level award with items besides badgework

One of the most tedious from a management standpoint, is that TT does not have the ability automatically update the Level Awards with items that are not associated with Badgework. As we know, the AHG Level Award has many different components, especially in the new handbook. These items could be filled in by TT if they are logged into the appropriate places:

  1. Leadership roles within the Leadership tab based on the tenure of the position, it would meet the Level Award requirement.
  2. Special Event attendance based on the Troop Calendar and attendance status.
  3. Upper unit meeting, based on attendance within the Troop Calendar.
  4. Camping Nights based on logging within the Troop Calendar Event
  5. Flag Ceremony participation based on the Leadership tab logging

TT allows us to categorize and memorialize all of the various requirements, so it would be very helpful if they populated within the Level Award as well as calculate the correct %.

What is everyone’s thoughts on this feature?

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