Level Awards for AHG

I am new to this, so excuse me if I ask something that has been answered.

It would be helpful if when entering the girls badges that the information would be transferred to their Level Awards, so that this information would not have to be entered twice.

Thank You.
Kellie Brown IN4540

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Hi @KellieBrown,

I believe most of them already automatically apply to the level.

In the below image we have a girl’s individual profile, her level award, and an award she is missing.

If I edit the level award, I see this:

I’m going to edit the requirement I want to add (right below our level award in the top image):

And then if I check the level award again, I see:

The date has been added and the percentage increased.

Having the badges auto-populate to the level awards has been extremely helpful. Would it be possible for service stars and Special Events to also automatically populate to the level awards?


I totally agree with this! It would make it so much easier if the event is listed as a “Special Event” for it to auto-populate to a girl’s level award if they are marked as attending.


Agree. Badges auto-populate, which is good, but events and stars should, also. Service Stars should be simple, although I can see how the Special Events could be a problem. Perhaps a check-box somewhere that would differentiate between eligible events & non-eligible events? Could be in the attendance list, because an event planned by a girl for her event planning portion of the level award would not be counted toward the “Special Event” area of her level award, but would definitely count for another girl who didn’t do the planning.