Show attendees only for "Record Awards Progress for Attendees"?

Let’s say I have a past event, and I have updated the attendance of the girls. When I click on “Record Awards Progress for Attendees”, I expect to see just the list of attendees, but instead I see a list of every girl in the troop. Yes, there are checkboxes next to the names of the girls who attended, but you have to scroll through a lot of names to see them all.

It would be nice if the names of the non-attending girls are not included on this screen, or if you want to keep everyone’s name on the list, maybe you could put the names of the girls who attended the meeting at the top, and list the rest of the girls’ names below theirs? Easier to check/ confirm that everyone who was present is getting credit for badgework done that day.

It always throws me when I click that button and then see a list of a bunch of girls who weren’t present.



I agree. This is confusing. I suspect the other names are there so you can add additional attendees who may not have RSVPed but showed up. I do think you can sort by those who say they will attend and that puts them at the top. But it is still a confusing view. I think this is one of MANY areas of minor improvement that TroopTrack could use. However I rarely see these minor issues addressed. I suspect it is because the developers are working much larger issues.

We have just made some changes to the code that put those who have attended at the top and those who didn’t at the bottom. However, it will take several days for that code change to go live. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Thank you! I am looking forward to using this new feature as soon as it is rolled out!

Love it!! Got to see this in action last week!

Thanks for your responsiveness!

Hi @KelsieC,

This feature is not working the way we expected. I thought if I filtered for a group, then it would apply the requirements completed to just the group I had filtered.

For example, we filtered for Explorers who attended a meeting, and marked requirements for an Explorer level badge (had an “(E)” after the name).

TT marked these requirements as completed for all girls who attended the meeting, including non-Explorers.

Now we have to manually go in and delete everything that was incorrectly added to the Tenderhearts, Pioneers and Pathfinders.

Can someone look into this and fix it?

I am frustrated with TT right now because I am trying so hard to get our new troop to use it, yet features have stopped working - the email (we had to switch back to google mail bc TT email wasn’t getting sent out); saved meetings can no longer be edited like they once were in order to change the reminder dates; and now the Record Awards Progress feature is making tons of manual data clean up work for us.

TT features are great when they work, but the level of unreliability is astounding. :frowning: I don’t understand why things work one day, and then when there is an upgrade, things stop working.

I really appreciate your responsiveness. Communication goes a long way to help!!


I have let our developer know about this and recreated the problem for him, and he will look into it as quickly as possible.

As far as the meetings being uneditable, that was a temporary change while we got the issue fixed - it didn’t work before the change either, but it looked like it did. Now it can actually be changed, so that issue is taken care of for you! :slight_smile:

With regards to the email problems, could you email me directly at and give me a little more information about that? I want to see what I can do to get that fixed for you.

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack !

I noticed the Record Attendance feature has been updated and I have a request for what is hopefully an easy change. :slight_smile:

From the event, I click on “Record Attendance/ RSVPs.”

If I click on the “Attended?” checkbox, it marks everyone as Attended, even the “No Response” and “Maybe” people.

It would be helpful (at least for me) if the “Attended?” checkbox could update only those who RSVP’ed Yes. Then I could manually add those who did not RSVP Yes.