Tracking Ticket progress

Once a ticket is issued for something, how do we look it up to see if anything is happening with it? Will it show an “expected completion date”?

Likewise, when we submit an idea, how do know what it’s status is? I sort through mine and see nothing done for several months.

Enhancements will not be quick. We have to balance a lot of stuff. There are several things we have to measure. For bugs, is it affecting one user or many? Is it just annoying or is it actually hurting basic functionality?

For enhancements, is it a big enhancements, quick and easy, or milestone enhancement? How many people would it benefit? Who could it possibly hurt? Is there a lot of support for it? Is it something that would really increase functionality or just one of those “it would be nice” things?

We’ve got a long backlog of things that we have to balance with bug fixes and right now I have to be super picky on what we work on to bring all levels of TroopTrack up together.

We’ve had people ask for a quick way to lookup tickets, but that’s a feature too. We can build what you want or we can build a way for you to look at the status of what you want. More people want their request resolved.

No ETA’s on anything unless we are actively working on it and can give you an accurate estimate.

The quick way to get a status update is to tag me in the post with the ticket number and ask. I take the ticket number and look it up and tell you if it’s been picked up or not.

Thanks for asking!