Transferring/Copying Members from one account to a second account

We have several Virginia SAR members that are members of multiple SAR groups. I am working with TSAR and SARTI which both maintain TroopTrack accounts. Is there a way for a member that has already been added to one account to be “copied” to another group account instead of having to manually add info / upload files to the new account?

It would almost be easier for a person’s info/profile/files to be stored individually then “attached” to a group(s). This way, the member is entering all of their information once and that info is “shown” in the various groups consistently.

Hi @JamesARussell,

Not exactly. Create a new blank user account in the second/new account, then log back into the original and follow these instructions:

There may still be some info entering, but this is a pretty good option for now. I’ll post this for the developers to look at and see if they have or can come up with a better solution.