Troop Rolodex

Throughout the year, I network with members of the community that provide services and resources to our troop. I would like the capability to have a “Contacts” section on Troop Track to store these names, phone numbers, emails, websites, etc… so that my leaders can also have access to them.


We have a lady who teaches basket weaving. I’d like to record her info in TT along with some notes on what she does, where she is located and what she charges to teach.

I have made personal contacts at many of our parks and Conservation Departments. I’d like to store these all in one place, with names, addresses, hours of operation, resources we’ve used, etc… so all can access and contact them independently when planning activities.



Have you tried creating a table on a private webpage?

@njmike Is there a tutorial somewhere with instructions? That is like speaking Greek to me. :wink: If I could figure that out, it might work for what we’d like to do!


Take a look here: Creating a Web Site (Public and Private)

Then, focus on the section called “Editing a web page” – once you get here, in the Editor tools on the second row, 3rd icon from the left, is the Table button. Click on it, fill in the features you want and then presto… you can continue to add as many rows as you need.


@njmike’s solution is a good one.

Let me know if you guys need more help.


Thanks @njmike!!! I hope to get to trying this in the next couple of weeks.

@njmike @mlsully2002

I’m just playing with this and am a little confused. My pages do not look like the one in the link that njmike sent. I having a hard time figuring out how to edit my private pages. I don’t have an option to add child pages under private. I added a page and started to play with the tables. Is this what you were talking about? Is there a way to edit the number of columns/rows as needed?

It will only show up underneath my troop website and not my Private website. When I go into my private pages, I get this:

But on my Public pages, it shows up as a page I can reorder. Thanks for you patience!! We need to get our Troop Website up and running both privately and publicly. If I can figure it out. :smile: :wink:

Thanks again!!

Sorry, I’m still learning this, too. I have to admit, the web page creation dialogues are not intuitive. In trying to help you, I’ve created about 3 test pages now, and can still access them because I copied the URLs, but they don’t show up as either public or private pages.


You know what? That makes me feel MUCH better!! I thought it was just me.

My next step is to take it to my husband and/or son who are programmers, tell them what I want and have them “fix it” for me. haha I’m thinking since they know what they are doing, it will be a lot faster for them to do it. :wink: