TroopTrack navigation and menus

TroopTrack’s navigation consists of 3 main navigation bars. These navigations bars contain all the menu items to allow you to navigate through all of TroopTrack’s features and functionality. These 3 nav bars are:

  1. The Main Nav Bar
  2. The Features Nav Bar
  3. Page Specific Nav Bar

The Main Nav Bar

The main nav bar consists of menu items that relate to controlling the settings of either your troop’s account or your personal account.

The Features Nav Bar

The features nav bar holds 5 main menu items that allow you to use all of the features within TroopTrack. You can plan, manage, communicate, achieve, and share.

The Page Specific Nav Bar

The page specific nav bar contains menu items that relate to controlling the specific page you are on. This menu will change depending on which page you are currently on. The basic layout is that the page title will be on the left, and all of the specific menu items and actions for that page will be on the right.