Does TroopTrack have a plan for the annoucement that BSA Internet Advancement going away?

Just wondering of TroopTrack is on top of this.

BSA’s Scoutbook Lite, which will replace Internet Advancement, debuts in early 2018

Scouters experienced in the development of apps or web platforms will be excited to learn that the BSA
will roll out a number of APIs (application programming interfaces).

The BSA will release a selection of specific, read-only APIs to Scouting volunteers in the first half of 2018.

There are no current plans to roll out APIs to third parties.

I say almost, because one feature won’t be making the leap to Scoutbook Lite. The system will no longer
support the CSV data file import.

The things concern me there:
“read-only API’s”, and “no…API’s to third parties” and “no longer support the CSV data file import”

Those make me think that BSA is getting ready to give the shaft to all other Troop tracking programs.

Any update on this topic and what TroopTrack’s plan is to support rank advancement? Recognize ScoutBook Lite is delayed, but we are considering moving to ScoutBook to simplify the number of tools we need to pay for and manage. Thoughts?

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This was addressed when the announcement was first made by Dave directly: Thoughts on the acquisition of by BSA (05/04/2015)

Further details (from last December) can be found here, where some TT staff also chimed in: TroopTrack and Scoutbook Lite

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We’re still waiting to see what Scoutbook “Lite” will be able to do. BSA’s public statements about it have supported the idea that TroopTrack will be able to integrate with it, but we won’t know for sure until they actually release the product.

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I am now having issues submitting online advancement reports.

While some have said IA is all ready not working for them, which has not been true for all of us, according to this article BSA has finally put a specific date on the end of IA 1.0. There have been issues here and there for individual units with IA 1.0 so it is possible you are running into that. Perhaps send a message to, however not sure that it’s going to help much since we are only 5 days away from IA 1.0 going offline, unless you are an Explorer.