TroopTrack and Scoutbook Lite

BSA posted on Facebook yesterday about the future of their technology development. Specifically, this was included in the post:

Scoutbook Lite

As mentioned above, Scoutbook database will be the database of record for advancement data. In preparation, Internet Advancement will be retired and replaced in 2018 by a system named “Scoutbook Lite.” Scoutbook Lite will have the major features of Internet Advancement. Units will be able to hand enter data into the system like they do with Internet Advancement today. There are no current plans of supporting a file upload of data to Scoutbook Lite.

The last sentence is what really caught my eye. What does this mean for the future of systems like TroopTrack? I know this is probably news to the TT folks, but this looks like BSA’s way of forcing units to use their advancement system instead of others, like TT. Frankly, I do not want to do double work when entering advancement.

TT, do you have any feedback that can be shared? Please let us know what the “official” TT position is on this statement.


I have this EXACT same question as it came up at our Troop Committee meeting tonight. Does Troop Track know how this will affect their Internet uploads for troop advancement to the BSA sight. Looking forward to hearing your response.

Also interested in a response.

BSA just announced API interfaces will be available.

I don’t think the APIs are going to help. Things don’t look good for third-party systems. The text from the Bryan on Scouting article:

I say almost, because one feature won’t be making the leap to Scoutbook Lite. The system will no longer support the CSV data file import.

The BSA will release a selection of specific, read-only APIs to Scouting volunteers in the first half of 2018. There are no current plans to roll out APIs to third parties.

This is concerning. Overall we have been pleased with TT. The pack my kids came from switched to Scoutbook but had some big growing pains with they switched. I don’t like the idea of creating another migration plan for our content into another system. Hope TroopTrack will have a response soon.

I’m concerned about this as well since it seems like a money-grab by the BSA.

Getting rid of Internet Advancement–a free tool–forces all BSA units and users to use Scoutbook, which comes as a subscription cost. For smaller troops like ours, it actually makes more financial sense to go with Scoutbook, but TT is just so much better in every way. With IA going extinct, there goes the endpoint for outside tools like TT, Troopmaster, etc to also sync to the BSA database.

I see no reason why BSA would want to provide a third-party API with read AND write support- it allows them to corner the market and capture it for themselves by locking the door. They’ll likely claim that they don’t see it as a justifiable cost to develop the third-party API and that “data integrity” is better served when outside players aren’t “meddling” with the BSA’s advancement data by contributing to it.

Just last month, numerous council and district-level leaders were trying to tell me during my meetings “you should use Scoutbook, it does X, Y, Z!” and I told them “yeah, TroopTrack does that and more. Stop trying to sell it to me, we’re not interested.” I guess they expected me to be as uninformed as most leaders about Scoutbook vs other programs, or maybe they themselves didn’t know either (or maybe a combination of both).

The only way BSA will change their mind about the APIs is through an unprecedented amount of backlash. Unfortunately, most BSA leaders and membership either don’t know, don’t care or don’t use internet reporting tools enough to exert any meaningful pressure on BSA to change their mind. BSA has proven time and again that once they see a money-making opportunity, they won’t deviate from that course, which is disappointing.

That said, I’ll use TroopTrack with my units as long as I possibly can and I hope something works out where TT and other tools aren’t locked out. TT is the best out there and no amount of BSA marketing for its own subpar products will change that.

@JaredHonda - Scoutbook Lite will still be free to use. Units will not need to purchase the full Scoutbook service if they only want to record info with BSA.

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@dboring yes, I understood that from all the communications BSA has released regarding the upcoming changes.

Unfortunately, I only ever use Internet Advancement to check if our roster has been updated by the council and for recharter, and all units in our district use third-party tools or Scoutbook to input advancement data. I’m guessing that BSA is banking on people’s frustration on having to input data in two separate places (SBL + TroopTrack/etc) to encourage them to make the full jump to Scoutbook.

For all its flaws, Internet Advancement is drop-dead simple but it just doesn’t do enough. I can’t see any unit using a third-party tool to be content with downgrading to Scoutbook Lite just for the sake of saving a few bucks. Once you’ve experienced the “nice to haves”, it’s extremely difficult to go back.

I don’t know all of the technical details of it, but my understanding of the situation is that the mechanics of how we submit the data will change but we will still be able to work around it. The process might change slightly on the front end and the behind-the-scenes process will obviously change quite a bit, but you shouldn’t need to do anything more/different than what you are doing now on TT.

Another user asked a similar question on FB awhile back and this was the response given to him by Dave: “I think we will approach it the same way we approached ScoutNET integration. That doesn’t have an API either. We just use screen scraping to submit the information on your behalf. But it’s a shame BSA won’t support third-party integration via an API.”

Hope this helps and addresses the concerns you’ve expressed here!


@KelsieC - Thanks for the response! This gives me hope.

The last communication from BSA about Scoutbook Lite also seemed to indicate that a CSV upload option will exist. That should eliminate the need for screen scraping.

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Good morning. I recently came across this piece of information. Units who are not using Scoutbook have a new internet advancement system, call Advancement2.0. It is accessed through the Legacy portion of my.scouting. Here is the announcement I came across. Will troop track and scoutbook work together? What’s going to change?

New Internet Advancement 2.0 Platform & Report

Effective today, a new Internet Advancement 2.0 platform is available for unit members in Key 3, Key 3 delegate, or Unit Advancement Chair Roles by using their my.scouting account at

As a result of this change, a new version of the Advancement Report, which unit leaders are asked to download and take to Scout Shops when purchasing advancements, will use the new format shown below.

For more information, visit Internet Advancement 2.0 documentation at:

Please note the older Internet Advancement platform will remain active for two weeks as users transition to the new version.

Please note that is you are not registered in any of those unit positions, if you click on the Advancement2.0, you will see a popup window which will tell you that you are not autorized to assess the information.

Please share this with all of your unit key-3.

Thanks for all you do for Scouting.

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There are several threads over the last couple days regarding IA 2.0. We are awaiting a response from TT staff, they have been tagged.

It seems as though TT will need to produce a text file (CSV?) IA2.0 will consume using the import facility. I was wondering what the timeline on that will be.


We are currently working with BSA on the exact data and file type that we will be able to communicate to their system with. As of now it is looking positive. Sorry that is vague but, the BSA is slow to respond and work with us, so I will be able to give more details/guidance a little bit more down the road. But yes, you are correct of the approach, we will be providing a downloadable file BSA TroopTrackers can upload to IA 2.0. See more here: 6/17/19 Product Update. :slight_smile: