Separate the attachment names in email?

Hi @dave,

I just sent an email to my troop with 2 attachments, and they appear like this at the end of the email:

“AHG Troop MD1212 Order Form 2020-21 Draft3.pdf2020-21 Uniform and Merchandise Order Instructions.pdf”

There is no space between the filenames. Can you fix this so that it is clear that there are 2 attachments in the email, and not just 1?

Thank you!

Hi @mwestcott1,

With the way attachments work now, this should be done within the text editor itself. When you attach anything within the text editor they show up as links. Those links can be formatted however you’d like. If you do no formatting the links will show up as so:

But you are able to format those links however you wish as you would any text in the text editor:

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions about it.


Yes, that helps! Here’s hoping I remember this in the future! :slight_smile: