FIXED: Event Attachments odd behavior

I am trying to add multiple attachments to an event. When I browse for the file, it appears in both file upload controls. Updating the event overwrites one of the existing attachments,

Also, the two existing attachments do not appear in the Edit view so I cannot remove them.

The event I am editing is

Thanks for reporting this @JTAYLOR146. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce this using chrome. What browser are you using? If it’s Internet Explorer, we don’t support it anymore. The only browsers we support are Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Please let me know.


I get the same behavior in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Here are the steps to reproduce the problem. (I hope the screenshots are visible to you.) I start by editing an existing event. Note there are two attachments on the event below. I want to add a third. I click Actions – Edit – Advanced.

I click the first Browse button and select a file from my hard drive.

I click Update Event.

The file I uploaded replaced one of the existing documents. I again attempt to get a third file attached. I click Actions – Edit – Advanced.

I click Update Event.

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I confirmed the same thing in Safari and Chrome on Mac.

Thank you for the explanation. I have added this to our tech team’s todo list. We will get this diagnosed and fixed as soon as we can.


Hi Everyone. Tyler and I were looking at this problem and, while I felt I could fix the problems expressed here, another idea came to mind: we don’t need attachments anymore.

Originally, you couldn’t upload files in the “description” field. So we added a separate attachments field, but you as a user couldn’t control how they looked or where they went. Then we upgraded the editor on the description field, and now you can upload files, pictures, and even videos and embed them in the description.

So we decided to remove the attachment field and add a note explaining that the description field should be used instead.

This went live today.

Thanks everyone!



Here is how you can now send attachments through the text editor. For example, to send an email to your troop with an attachment go to Communicate > Send an Email:


Then once on the Send an Email page, click on the “+” button within the editor.

This will then open up another submenu that will allow you to upload almost any kind of attachment you wish into the email, such as images, videos, or almost any kind of file type.


To upload a typical file attachment, say a CSV, click on the document/paper icon and select the file you would like to upload. The file will be a clickable link within the email.


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