Unable to add money to any of our three names in account

I have tried multiple ways to add money in our scouts account and it doesn’t work. The error is “Unfortunately this payment provider is no longer supported.” However, I have not yet set up any provider or transfer account type.

At a loss - seems this should be more intuitive.

Thanks in advance.


I have never seen an error like that. First do you have full permissions for your groups TroopTrack account, perhaps there could be a weird permissions issue? Second have you found this article that talks about how to use Money Accounts? If there isn’t anything in there that helps I think this will need to be e-mailed over to support@trooptrack.com, make sure you include as much detail as possible, specific money accounts, what process you are using and even screenshots if possible. This is definitely not the norm so not sure what is going oin.
Money Account Basics

Thanks. I’m going to forego any money use in the app.

Got it, money transactions in the App do not work. You must use your browser either from your mobile device or computer.