Privileges on Troop Track

I have set up our households in troop track and sent parents an invite to be able to view their daughter’s records, etc. Recently I updated a parent to be a Leader within our troop. She has been granted Parol/Den level access to edit achievement records, etc. for her patrol. I noticed that she is also editing her daughter’s records who is in a different patrol. First off I realize that this has brought to light something that we need to discuss with our leaders about not editing your own daughter’s records but letting their leader edit them. If she is set as a leader in a particular patrol how is she able to edit her daughter’s achievement records who is in a different patrol? How do I correct this so that she can view her daughter’s records but only be able to edit her patrol’s records?

From our usage, there is no way to edit which girl a leader can/can’t edit. One they have unit access, they can access anyone in that unit whether she is in their squad or not. It’s really all on the honor system.

It would be an awesome feature!

Yes it is on the honor system.

I have an ASM that updates our 1st year emphasis patrol records. But I have found that he has access to update his older son’s records too.

Some segregation would be welcome.

I guess in looking at the information you can set privileges for each leader at the troop level/unit level or patrol/den. I thought that if they were just patrol/den level that they could only edit the records in their unit or den; i.e. explorers. If they can edit any records then that defeats the reason for levels and privileges outside of the parents. If it is the honor system then that means that we as a troop have to set parameters or guidelines that everyone follows.

It would be nice to have the feature that they can view their daughter’s records but can only edit achievement records for the girls in their patrol/den.