Updating to 2016 requirements under "Achieve"

I am updating all of the Scouts to the 2016 rank requirements. When I choose more than one scout the system kicks me to a white blank screen and i have to close the window. When I go back to Troop Track, Achieve, Upgrade Rank for 2016 the Scouts I was trying to upgrade have not been changed. I ended up upgrading one Scout at a time.

I’m done upgrading but it was a pain and if there is a solution I would like to know what to do in the future if I have to do a group update, upgrade, etc.

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I’m having this same problem. We have over 100 scouts to do this with and doing them one at a time is problematic. When I do them one at a time, it’s inconsistent if that specific scout will get updated. It’s taken several times for one scout to actually get updated.