Uploading Troop Avatars

Can troop leaders upload individual boys headshots and attach them to their member record? I uploaded one for me and my son and I have every permission there is but I’m not seeing that it’s an option for me.

It is an option. I’ve done it for all the girls and leaders in our Troop. If I remember correctly, you have to make sure the “upload Photos” and the “Manage Troop Members” boxes both checked for you to be able to do it.

The other thing that keeps me from updating/adding an avatar is when I haven’t synced with National. If they aren’t registered with National for the current year, I can’t add or edit their Avatar.

Hope that helps.

I have both of those permissions on my profile. Must be something broken on the Trail Life version of TT.

Just as an interesting tidbit, it does appear that I can upload pictures from the mobil app to individual troop members. Just not through the website itself.

That sounds like a bug. I’ve found it easier to upload the pics on the mobile app than my computer, but I do have the ability to do it from either platform.

Hi @joshuasanders,

I don’t think Trail Life allows that feature. You will need to call them to find out for sure.