Suggested permissions

The default permissions of self for scouts, and household for parents seems sort of limiting.

I was just curious if others use a different standard for users in their troop.

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We use the defaults and then just add the necessary permissions for individuals. All of our Pi/Pa scouts and parents are allowed to upload pics. (It’s one of the boxes we check when assigning permissions.) It allows us to customize families. Our squad leaders have extra, different boxes checked off as well.

Hope that helps!

@DonHoover - We are a new unit to TT as well and are still learning the ropes so to speak. However, what we have done is assign one admin and back - up, then that admin will be building basic profiles for different users with Troop Committee input, i.e., Scouts get basic permissions, Scoutmaster’s get additional permissions, etc. I am not certain if there is a preferable way of setting up users. Or something like a default template for different users, like they have for reports. Maybe that is something that could be suggested for a future enhancement.

Well, I hope everything works out for you and if you have any pointers, be sure to add them to the community. Cause we all realize that no one person is an island. :smile:

I would like to see some permission set for youth scouts. It would be nice to have a permission set for the Scribe of a BSA Troop. This permission would allow the scribe to only update the attendance of a meeting or outing.

Just my unsolicited 2 cents…


@sgaines What you are suggesting maybe is more like what I think would be easier.

  1. you can define user group names.
  2. you then just setup the permissions for that group
  3. then all you have to do is put users into groups and the permissions apply to them which are for that group

This would probably much easier than having to edit EACH users permissions individually. You would just have to basically one time setup something like permissions for: leaders, scouts, youth leaders, parents, committee, advancement, treasurer etc. and then just assign people those roles.

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I have found that our scouts and parents appreciate seeing the patrol rosters, which they cannot see unless they have “Unit” permission level. So I give everyone Unit level and then check that they can view/print the roster, upload pictures and view user-specific files. Not sure what that last one means, but I figure it’s ok for our peeps to “View” stuff. just as long as they can’t change it accidentally or otherwise! =)

@DonHoover, Sorry for the late response. Yes, I totally agree with you. Managing by group is much easier than managing by individual :slight_smile:

I have looked at the permissions to update the attendence sheet. The problem is, with that permission, the user receives other additional permissions . I was thinking just this one specific permission for the boy to take attendance.

@jennirust- Thanks Jenni. I appreciate the input. You’ve got me thinking :slight_smile:

I think I am going to have to go back and review the permissions as a whole. For the parents, I just followed what TT suggested and gave them household permissions. As for individual leaders, I gave them the appropriate permissions based on their area of responsibility.