Urgent: Undelete a Photo Album?

Hello Folks

We mistakenly deleted a photo album - do TT Admins have any special powers to resurrect them? It was an album created yesterday (15-Oct-2017).


To my knowledge, no, we can’t undelete them. :cry:

Another related question:

What privilege is needed to delete a photo album?

Anyone who can upload photos can delete their own photos that they have uploaded. That privilege would be under “Upload Photos”. My other guess would be under “Manage User Files”. Under that one, you can add/delete files. I would assume that photos and albums would fall under that. (But I’m not a programmer and what often makes sense to me, my programming husband looks at me as if I’m crazy when I ask him if something is as simple as it seems. :laughing: ) As an admin though, I have the ability to delete ANY pics and albums.

Yes… thanks for trying to be helpful, but I’m hoping to get an “official” response.

Is anyone from Trooptrack out there?