Archiving Photos

We are cleaning up our Troop Photos and were wondering if there is a way to put all our photos from last year in an archived section or one giant folder listed as “2015-2016” with all our photo albums inside it?

What do other troops do with their previous years’ photos?


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We just let it roll over with the page enumerator arrows.

The most current albums by date are kept in order.

Drat! We were hoping to keep it from having to do that. We may end up deleting our previous year’s photos then. We have a LOT of photos from the last year.


I’m not understanding the impact of just letting the list of albums grow and remain?

As the albums age, they stay in order. The most current one is always at the top and on page 1.

I don’t understand your situation to need to remove the pictures.

We are transitioning our troop to TT completely. Many of the families find all the pictures overwhelming on there. It’s really just a preference. Several people have asked, for visual purposes, if we could just create folders to put each year in. Seeing all the pages of photos to dig through makes them crazy. :wink: Our troop has about 85 girls in it this year and last year, beside our photographer taking pics, we had had several moms upload for only 51 girls. We are already at several pages of photo albums.

All our photos are backed up on a thumb drive. Since I don’t have to do anything with the photos, I’m good with accommodating those who use all those photos that our families and troop photographer upload. If it makes life easier for those who use those photos for our COA presentations and other things, I’m all for deleting (if need be) or changing things up. :smiley:

Like I said, it’s just a personal troop preference thing. :smiley: I was really just curious how other troops did things.

This is a good question - we’ve only been using TroopTrack since April and already I have over a dozen albums.

If I have a 100 albums, will they all continue to show up on the Albums page? I would hate to have to consider deleting any of the pictures - I consider these part of the history of the pack.

Perhaps there could be a Manage Settings flag to show only the “most recent N albums?” - the rest could be accessed by a link at the bottom to “Show ALL Albums” and since there are dates on each album, maybe even a search feature to “Find Pictures” between a range of dates…?

If you submitted such an idea, I would be sure to Like it!

I completely agree! We currently use Shutterfly until the photo capabilities of TroopTrack are further improved. In Shutterfly, we create a tab for each program year, and then within that tab there is an album for each event. VERY convenient and not overwhelming at all. The only drawback to Shutterfly (besides being an additional login to remember) is the fact that you can only download one pic at a time. :frowning:

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