User Access Filter

On the Manage – User Access page, it would nice to have a filter by group.

Currently, I get a long list of everyone in the system. I need a way to see who in a particular den or which parents do not have accounts so we can quickly add them. I also need a way to filter the list to show only scouts so I can remove access (since we are a cub scout pack and cannot permit children under 13 to log in).

I would use Manage > Members > Invite Users. I think that one separates the invited vs. not invited users.

We’re actually talking about the same page - sorry, I should have been more clear. It does separate between invited vs. non-invited users, but I want to differentiate between scouts and parents - since our scouts should not (can not) have accounts. On the Manage – Members – Invite Users page, there is no way to tell who is a parent and who is a scout.

In short, I need a list that shows scouts only (so I can make sure they DO NOT have an account) and a list that shows parents only (so I can make sure they DO have an account).

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Hi @pjhansen,

This is a nice to have feature that’s a really low priority right now. I think your best option for now is Manage > Members > User Accounts. This shows Scout/Parent/Leader/Adult under the names. You can typically differentiate the two outside of this by email address. If they have one, they’re an adult. If not, they’re a scout. But of course, that isn’t a 100% solid way to look at it. For now, the User Accounts page should do the trick.

On that page, if it says “Register” next to the name, they have an email address, but have not been registered. “No email” means just that. If they are registered, it will just show their user name.

Thank you.

I can appreciate this is a low priority… certainly not a show stopper for what I need to do, it would just make it significantly easier. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the suggestions do not work and are the precise reason why such a filter is needed - we constantly end up with adults without email addresses and scouts with email addresses. We need a way to audit this to ensure our scouts DO NOT have email addresses, especially if their household adult doesn’t have an email address. Prior to migrating our site to TroopTrack, this was an issue for us. Essentially, we need to do this audit to ensure youth protection compliance.

We’ll continue the ol’ manual way for now and hope this gets a second look some day. :wink:


This page doesn’t do the job?

You can even click the headers to sort by one thing or another. It contains names, scout/adult info, whether or not they have an email/user name, and allows you to register if needed from that page. If you find a scout with an email address, you click their name and remove it. If you find a parent without one, you can click their name and add it.

It sounds like that page (Manage > Members > User Accounts) will be a big step in the right direction. If there’s something specific missing from this page that you need, please let me know so I can try to find a solution for it.


I’ll start by saying I had no idea you could click on the column headings to sort - thank you for pointing this out! Knowing this, I believe I’ve found an acceptable workaround - if I sort on the “Access Level” column, all of my scouts have “None” and all of my parents have “Household”… thereby allowing me to group all of the parents together and all of the scouts together so I can quickly scan the page. :slight_smile:

To answer your question as to whether that page does the job… functionally it does and the data is all there. However, from a usability / user interface design perspective it is difficult to quickly scan for the data I need. In other words, I can’t easily glance at the page and see that a single parent in the list has “No Email Address”. At least for a cub scout pack, my workaround above seems to be working. Thanks for your guidance.

Now, how about we get some small sort arrow icons next to those headings? :wink:

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