Web pages need to have a version history

OK, so if you allow more that one person edit permission to web pages, changes can get lost.

Weather this is actually a bug with TroopTrack, or, a due to a newbie-move, twice now two people were editing the same web page and one overwrote the other.

While at first pass, that seems like the correct behavior (n-edits to a page, in the order they are completed), However, I believe your web pages must act like a wiki with a version history. full stop.

By definition, Scouting is supposed to be a safe place to fail. This must be even more true for parents, the ones who aren’t scouts.

I’m sure you’ll find some time to have TroopTrack “Be Prepared” for parent’s mistakes, and make it easy for troops to “help others” express themselves with TroopTrack web pages. </steps down>

For now, we will only have one Web Editor at a time.