Option to allow/disallow members from entering their own training

It has been asked if there’s a way to disallow members from entering their own training. We had a scout with self and no other privileges that was able to add his own training. The committee would prefer that the training records are updated by the training coordinator or key three(COR/CC/SM). They want to do so because it is more consistent with BSA Policies.


Actually, entering your own training is a non-issue. TT does not communicate that information in or out of National.

The committee should rely solely on the training validation tool at my.scouting.org, or a call to the local council.

I am aware the troop track does not sync training records, not that that is a feature but merely a limitation. I also agree with the original report that there is a value to having trooptrack records be accurate according to the unit’s policy. Having to look up training records against the national site is a bit painful and I do it periodically to sync trooptrack thus allowing other leaders to look there.

All we’d be looking for is a privilege setting that would toggle the ability to edit training records per user. I’m not sure if there’s a need for a site level default option for it or not because changing it to require privileges to edit would impact everyone already using trooptrack.

Yes, agree with that implementation suggestion. A new privilege “Update Training based on Access Level” and default to Yes if that is current behavior.

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