Weekly e-mail with summary of upcoming events?

The previous system we had been using had a great feature where it would e-mail out to the membership, a weekly summary of upcoming events. It had details on this weeks events, but also had a summary of the upcoming events over the next month or so.

Is there any feature like that? If not, it would be very helpful. Right now, I only see each event sending notices on it’s own, which I expect will be seen as a burden by many members not wanting to see so many e-mails.

The Newsletter can be setup to send Weekly.

Great, thanks. I did not see that under Announcements.

Communicate → Settings → Newsletter Settings

Ok, this seems very confusing at first to me.

First off, and most importantly, the formatting/highlighting of the event name is just showing in italics and is de-emphasized from the content in the event description making it difficult to visually parse.

I expected the Events in next 7 days, and Events in next 30 days to include your subscribed events, as well as the events you are not subscribed to in 7 days and in 30 days when that option is selected. However, it seems to be adding another section under an again de-emphasized label of “Other Events” for everything else.

The UX on this could be vastly improved with some style changes and perhaps indentation of the event description.

Having a list of the events with date/time and no description displayed would also vastly improve the UX here, especially if clicking on the event name expanded the description.

Dave is actually in the process of making updates to the Newsletter.

Any ideas on when he will have something?
I would be happy to review the design and offer feedback, or review a beta version, assuming he has the ability to set something like that up.