What are "segments?"

I haven’t logged into T.T. in awhile, and now see a category called “segments” listed under achievements. What are these??
Thanks, Bob

Hi @BobCain,

That’s just what they are called.

Check out this post on Scouting.org:



I understand the six National Outdoor Awards badges for Camping, Hiking, Riding, Aquatics, Adventure, and Conservation, but my question is about the 225, or so, “Segments” beginning with 001 Music continuing through 007 Snowflake . . . 053 Weblos (sic.) . . . 059-0 Number 0 . . . 059-9 Number 9 . . . 064-10 Year 10 . . . 092 Cub Day Camp . . . 106 NO . . . 215 Dad and Lad and ending at 225 Climbing Tower.



Oh, I gotcha. Not everyone uses these and you can remove them from the Start Achievement options by going to Manage > Settings > Manage Active Achievements and unchecking them.

@melissa, can you please explain the segments a little better? Thanks.

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Segments are just little patches to give as awards to scouts. The leader picks what they are used for. These are not National BSA awards, more local.

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@Melissa - Ah, ok! So, they’re local. But, what do they look like and where can you buy them🤔? I’ve searched on Google to no avail.

***UPDATE 1*** - Looks like I found some info about Segments, but I’m still not sure where they can be purchased.

***UPDATE 2*** - Found them!

@BobCain- Great!! Let me know if you need anything else :smiley:

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If we record them in Troop Track, do they get synchronzied to Scoutnet along with MB/Rank Other stuff?

ScoutNET doesn’t have any place to enter segments, probably because they are not a national program. So no, we can’t synchronize them to ScoutNET. :confused:

If you log in to ScoutNET and look at the at the awards there, you’ll be able to see exactly what we can and can’t upload to ScoutNET. :slight_smile: (Well, we should be able to upload all the awards you find there… If you notice any we can’t upload just let us know!)

You can purchase segments at the following link.

And thanks so much for putting these in I give out 20 to 100 a month and thsi makes it much easier.
Can you add 64-18 and 64-19?

Also I have been told I have admin access but do not have access to the settings mentioned above. Please see attached screen shot.There are plenty of Achievements I would like to turn off