Please add Segment 064-17 Year 17

Please add Segment 064-17 Year 17

Hi @DonaldAllen,

I’d be glad to add this. Can you please provide me a link to official BSA documentation on this? It will make it much easier for me to add.



Thanks for your response. I could not find anything on the website but I
can forward a flyer from my BSA store if need be.
Also I attached a partial list of segments that are already in Troop track
please place this in numerical order as this is the way they are stocked at
the stores and in displayed in the flyer . There are currently 220 or so
segment in Troop Track.

I must say I use this list for every Pack meeting and it has made my life
so much easier when making my monthly purchases.

Thank you.

I just added it and it should appear shortly, if not already.


Thanks, your the best. I have more to add but I need to search your site to
see if these item have been brought up already. Talk to ya soon.

For achievements, check Manage > Settings > Manage Active Achievements to see if they already exist. You can search the community for open tickets. Most Achievements we add same day or soon, but other features may require weeks/months.

Just let me know!