What is "Webelos Jamboree 2015"?

All of our new Webelos are starting to work on their new 2016+ adventures. But when the adventures get added to their account, there is also a “Webelos Jamboree 2015” that gets added with all of the adventures.

What is this? Is this something I should know about? Or is this a bug and I should change the category of this post?


I think there were some that didn’t get upgraded and we weren’t sure if the requirements stayed the same or if it was eliminated all together. I’m not sure why we left it saying 2015 if that’s the case, though.

Would you like me to remove it or change the name or something else? As far as I can tell, there isn’t an updated version.

I have never even heard of the adventure. I looked at the August 2015 requirements doc and the November 2016 addendum and don’t see it in either. My guess is this is something custom for a council or unit (maybe like a Webelos Woods), but I don’t see anything from National BSA about it.

I suggest removing it.

Anywhere it already exists, you will have to delete it, but I’ve retired it so it won’t pop up anymore.

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I can live with that. Thanks!