When I add a new member as a "leader" they sometimes appear as Adult or Parent. Can I change category?

I am new to Troop Track and am adding the Pack den leaders. I’m selecting “Add Leader” but some leaders are indicated as {Position} Leader, others as “Adult,” and still others as “Parent.” I can’t tell why they are not behaving the same way. What is needed to get them to appear as their den leader position?

This is really critical for when I send blast emails to “leaders.”


Hi @Pack6CM,

If you go to Manage > Dens, you will be able to see your dens and the leaders/adults/parents. Click on whichever one you’d like to change or add a leadership position to. Click on the “Leadership” tab, press “Add Leadership” and choose from the dropdown list which position you’d like to assign to that leader as well as a start date for that leadership position. Press “Save” and the change should be reflected in Manage > Dens. If they have a leadership position, they will receive an email if you choose the leader magic mailing list.

Let me know if you have any other questions!