Do you put den leaders in the den or unassigned group?

I have been reading that when setting up dens, we should not put the parents of scouts in the den itself, but in “unassigned” (or I created a new den called “parents”…is that ok?)

What about den leaders…should I leave them in their respective dens or should I move them to my “parents” den?
Would it mess up their privileges for their den if I took them out of it?

Thanks Much!

I put the den leaders in the den. Otherwise, they will not be able to see the boys in their den and update advancement. However, an adult can only be in one den, so if a den leader leads 2 different dens then they will have to use another email for the second den and have two TroopTrack logins.

Another alternative - I chose to give our Unit Leader Troop level permissions so that she can look at multiple squads, since she oversees 3 squads.

I’d rather be able to have one UL see multiple squads without giving Troop level permissions, but that is not an option right now.