How to make existing Adult a new Den Leader for younger child without new account

I have an existing adult who’s child A has promoted to Bear under Den Leader A. This year she is becoming a Den Leader (Den Leader B) for child B as a Lion. How can I make her existing adult account as parent into the den leader for this new den? We have multiple adults who are not current den leaders but have younger kids coming in where they will be the den leader so recreating accounts is hopefully our last option. Thanks

Hi @ZonyaWilson,

If you click on “quick nav” and “members” you can click into the account of a person. Then click on their “leadership” tab and add leadership positions to their profile. Since they’re becoming den leaders you can also go to the “privileges” tab and give them the access level of “den/patrol” so that way they can see anyone in their Den.


David Keener