PENDING: Missing Event Item Order

I used the order feature on an event but cannot track the order in the system so show it was paid. I can pass on more info as needed.

Did you look on the Manage -> Money -> Orders page to see if the order is there?

I looked and the the order is not there.

Thanks @watarzp655 - do you have an order ID on any transactions?

This is what I see from the event. You will notice there is no order number. It does not show under his account. It also does not have the CSV file view option ( I was able to get through mobile). Which shows payment method but no order #.

Any update? I am seeing this on order placed today as well. It is not showing up in either my account or my sons.

Here is the order # 690247-15839-f5c3dee0

@dave Can I get a response on this issue!

It is best to tag @dave in responses so he gets a direct e-mail about this thread. Sometimes with all of the threads to follow it can get lost.

Thanks for the info @watarzp655. I’m looking into it.

@watarzp655 I took a look at your event and went to the Event Items section of the details page. If you look below the summary, you can see the purchase details, including your purchase.

Am I missing something?

Sorry this is taking so long to figure out.