Where do text message replies go?

If a parent replies to a text message sent from TroopTrack, where does it go? On my iPhone I see that the message comes from "noreply@trooptrack.com". Do replies just go to never-never land? Just checking so I know what to tell my pack parents. Thanks!

The ability to customize the reply-to for text messages sounds like a very good feature.
Customers could set it to the cubmaster, committee chair, or some other phone/address.

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We use an email to sms service so I think things going back just disappear into the void (not entirely sure).

Ability to “reply-to” might be a bit complicated, but I would recommend posting the idea in the “Ideas” category so we can get more feedback and think about possible implementations.

Thanks! I sent myself a text message and replied, and I never saw anything anywhere, so I imagine my reply is floating around in the void, never to be heard from again. :slight_smile:

I will start a new thread in the Ideas category.