Who created the photo album?

Is there anyway to discover who created a photo album?

Who uploaded a particular picture?


Afraid not. This will likely be part of our bigger Activity Log feature. If you have an idea bout when they were uploaded you may check Manage > Members > User Accounts for last login and last activity information.

@mlsully2002 , When you do that procedure, all it shows is date/time
of last login, and date/time SOMETHING happened. There is no mechanism
to differentiate between simply logging in or uploading pix.

AND, even if you did have an idea of the time/date something happened, and the user logged in after that fact, it’s then non-correlated.

Is TroopTrack like facebook to some people? I just didn’t think there were super frequent logins from most people. A fuller activity log feature has been mapped out and we’ve set some milestones for it. It’s hard with problems like this but if you have someone you think may not be completely trustworthy or just needs some more training, I’d limit their privileges even further in the meantime.

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Hi Matt

It’s remarks like this that cause me to take a deep breath –

Well… your system has a photo album feature. And it probably satisfies those that aren’t comfortable posting pictures of their young ones on the open Internet (Facebook, etc.).

And after using it for a while, you notice that there are some basic features that a photo album should have (and we’re not even talking about photo-editing, which I don’t think anyone is asking for):

  • the ability to re-order/organize/archive pictures
  • the ability to annotate pictures
  • the ability to know who took the picture, so maybe you can talk about it in passing with them.

We’re trying to encourage more of our households to logon to Trooptrack and USE it. Wouldn’t you be happy with frequent logons? Maybe they would if the featured Photo Album tool was more friendly.

From your own home-page: “Manage Your Scouting Group with One Tool, Not NINE” - “Use the one tool that does it all and makes it easy.”

Lofty goals!

I think we’re here, talking about this, because we want to see TroopTrack succeed and continue to draw customers away from the other solutions.

(And if you really want to ponder your question… think about the new features that Facebook continues to add… photo albums, photo-editing, social “Liking”, group-management, calendar/event management, e-commerce, web-page… not too far off from your own list of features…)


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Hi @njmike,

I see what you are saying and that makes sense. Most people, in my experience, use TroopTrack for just the management and parent’s only get on when they have something to actually do. In these cases, looking at last login and last activity would be a good hint at who may have put up something they shouldn’t (if that was the scenario). I do get the impression that some people are trolls though and spend more time than even I on TroopTrack and that’s why I put out that little jest inquiry about if TT is FB for some people. This of course does not apply to either of you, but from an overview, I see patterns with some people and it’s enough to make me raise my eyebrow sometimes.

As for the Album features, yes, we will do those things, we WANT to do those things, but we have to weigh features, as “It would be nice” vs “This will increase overall functionality”. Right now, album features would be really nice, but for any feature we release we get a backlash from another group of people who want their feature developed. Right now, Rails 5 upgrade, Subdomain Emails, membership resolver, RSVP From emails, and bug fixes have a greater weight than the photo album. Rest assured, we will get to it, but we’ve gotta do this other stuff first.