FIXED: RSVP with Payment not processed completely

For event, Marc Comer RSVPd on 2/11/2020 for himself and his son James Comer for the event that requires payment for RSVP. He paid via PayPal and that posted to the troop online payments account. They appear on the roster. On the Attendance - View All Payments screen, Both Marc Comer and James Comer show as RSVP’d without purchasing. And when they view the event in the RSVP section their button still says Purchase Ticket/RSVP rather than View Ticket.

I have the same issue, but we are using Stripe.
I reported to @Tyle yesterday morning but they haven’t come back confirmed it is an issue.

Also, check your net. TT is calculating the fees incorrectly for our stripe transactions and therefore our net is off by a few pennies per transaction.

Regardless of using PayPal or Stripe the problem you are describing of the Cart Transaction not applying properly to the Event is a known issue and being looked at. Check out this other thread, it started out worse and was partially fixed:

That is part of the issue.
But in our case, since we are using Stripe, TT is hitting Stripe and charging the CC with the incorrect fee amount.

It is throwing our accounting off for the events.

I’m closing this thread since it’s a duplicate of this one: PENDING: Events will not allow registration

Please check it out for status updates.