Yearly Dues Question

Some of our members coming back for their second year are asking if the $90 yearly fee is lower if they do not need a new shirt or new handbook this year. Do kids need new books every year or can they continue from a handbook from last year? Do they need a new shirt every year? Is there a discount on their fee if they do not get one or both of these 2 items?

Thank you

Kyle Warren, Treasurer Troop 0619

We charge first year scouts a little extra and give them a “free” tshirt and hat. They have to buy every shirt after that, and no, most won’t need a new shirt every year, so our dues for years 2+ are less. Boy Scouts can probably go more than one year on the same book, too. Cub Scouts can’t. There are plenty of online resources that will outline the changes each year for you. A quick search found this page:

All of this is really up to you and your Committee, more than the TroopTrack community.