February 2nd Updates

We hope everyone is having a great afternoon! :slight_smile: Here are some new updates to the site that just went live today! Woohoo!

  • We restored the “Snorkeling” merit badge (even though it isn’t a real merit badge), so that we didn’t break the achievements pages of some of our scouts anymore.
  • All events that were set to send invitations/reminders “zero days” before the event were reset to never send invitations/reminders, so you will stop getting invites on the day of an event for things that shouldn’t have sent anything at all. This also fixed some problems with recording attendance for those events.
  • With online payments, if it’s set to have the Troop pay the fees, this now includes the $0.25 TroopTrack fee. (We’ll remove the $0.25 TroopTrack fee entirely pretty soon.)
  • The completion dates for repeated awards are now being calculated correctly. Before this update, we would give them each the same auto-calculated completion date.
  • If a Patrol/Den/Unit has spaces in its name (like “Thunder Birds”) its magic mailing list email (like “thunder-birds@trooptrack.com” or “thunder-birds@some_troop.trooptrack.email”) didn’t work. This has been fixed.
  • Editing the “Send Invites/Reminder When” parts of an event is now simpler.

Happy February, everyone!

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