About OA eligibility

I may already know the answer, but I have to ask anyway…

Our Troop started using TT in Jan 2017. All activity records prior to then reside only in our old provider’s system. I really don’t want to spend days loading all the camping events from 2015 and 2016 into TT and then assign attendees to them. Is there another way to upload my records so TT will give me an accurate report of who is eligible for OA?

Unfortunately, events are typically incompatible for imports. I would get the totals from your prior events and just enter them as a single event to get all of your scouts info up to date.

One way is to go to a scout’s profile, participation tab, and create an outside participation and just fill in the totals there.

The other way is to create an event, don’t send invites, record attendance and update the info for all the scouts at once.

Final option is for you to just enter them all by hand and that can be cumbersome.


We converted from TroopMaster last year. Before we let the TroopMaster subscription expire, I ran a report from TroopMaster for every scout and kept an electronic and paper copy. I then put in a single event for each scout listing their total. I called it “TroopMaster Conversion”. If a scout wanted more detailed info, I have the archived report.

This seemed like a clunky way to do it when I did this. But no one has complained and in the end it was just not that big of a deal to the scouts or the parents.

There are other areas which caused more heartburn. But this was not one of them.