DEFERRED: Boy Scouts easy access to troop adult and scout contact

The boys would like to have a easy platform to look up contact information on Scouts and Adults. Sometimes they just want to send a text to a scout or an adult. They know to copy a leader in on adult communications. Maybe I am missing something but they cannot find it on their phones easily from a scout profile.


They would need to have the proper permissions to see information on other Scouts or Adults.

Do you which permission would allow that and not a whole bunch of additional access?

The permission for View and Print Troop Roster should allow them to see the roster under the Communicate menu.

As a single option you can give View and print troop roster Read only access to see and print the troop roster. They would access that from Communicate, Member Directories, Print Roster or Contact List. The Print Roster allows them to select a specific group and get a PDF, Contact List just pulls up a list of everyone with their contact info. In testing the feature they get all adult contact info and their Household but not other youth. If you give them Patrol level access then they can see contact info for those in their patrol. Not sure what else that would give them though. For them to see everyone you would have to give Unit level access, they may not be able to change things but they would be able to see most everything at that point. Even Patrol access will allow them to see each others Advancements and other data, it does not just limit to contact info.